Three Factors Affecting the Quality of Concrete Mixer

Date: 2017-07-10 From: yisainuo

The quality of the concrete mixer is critical, it directly determines the quality of the building project or the price of the commodity concrete. Then I detailed analysis of the impact of concrete mixer product quality of the three factors.


There are many factors that affect the quality of concrete mixers. Today, there are three of them that are relatively influential:

1, the mixing ratio of concrete;

2, the weighing of mixing plant;

3, the quality of raw materials.


Three Factors Affecting the Quality of Concrete Mixer

The following is the requirement about the choice of concrete raw materials : to grasp the quality of cement, coarse aggregate, admixture, mineral admixture, raw material quality requirements in the supply contract clear.


1. Cement: the using of cement is necessary to carry out sampling inspection according to the rules, each batch of cement are requested in a timely manner standard consistency and temperature test, the quality of doubt on the ban on warehousing, and continue to other objectives (such as stability) Inspection of substandard cement is prohibited.


2. Aggregate: coarse aggregate selection is necessary to do sampling test according to the rules, qualified before use. Coarse aggregate should be used to meet the requirements of the relevant standards; control mud content and mud content, timely view, the Check the unqualified ban on the appearance of unloading.


Three Factors Affecting the Quality of Concrete Mixer

3. Additive: Additive should be strengthened to check, find whether the the outside packaging of admixture is marked in a prominent position as the following items: product name, type, net content or volume (including content or concentration), the factory name , The date of production and the factory number; see the contents of the packaging is not marked with the manufacturer's product specifications, certificate match; liquid admixture is not separated from the sediment, is not more than the validity period.


4. Mineral admixture: according to the requirements of the relevant standards to view. The laboratory should always grasp the quality of mineral deposits outside the material to change the situation, mineral admixture appearance, it is necessary to carry out the water ratio, loss of loss, fineness of the inspection, the qualified products can be checked; and pay attention to the previous experiment The results were compared to determine the quality of the wavering situation to ensure the quality of the project. In the use of mineral admixture in the process, should try to ensure the relative stability of the external admixture.


Three Factors Affecting the Quality of Concrete Mixer

5. Mixing station information staff to pay attention to the status of stock materials, and to have a sense of foresight and sense of urgency, active arrangements for preparation, to prevent downtime to be expected, with particular emphasis on the total storage of cement. On the inventory of goods to be listed logo, at any time to ensure that the field data stacking, according to the sub-warehouse for the original data storage.


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 Three Factors Affecting the Quality of Concrete Mixer

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