The Attention of Concrete Batching Plant during the Running-in Period

Date: 2018-04-09 From: jinsheng

concrete batching plant

The new concrete batching plant needs to be run-in so that it can be used in the best condition and prolong the service life. Followings are the matters needing attention during the running-in period:

1. The equipment is badly worn, and the rate is too fast

Due to the surface roughness problems of various parts of the new equipment, there may be incomplete cooperation, uneven surface loading stress and so on. Under such working conditions, the surfaces of the parts are frictional due to mutual fitting, and then the worn metal debris participate in the friction process as the secondary abrasives, which will inevitably lead to increased wear of the parts surfaces. Therefore, during the break-in period, the wear is severe and the rate is fast. If it is overloaded during the peak production season, the damage of the parts will be more severe and the service life of the equipment will be shortened.

2.Insufficient lubrication

The key reason for the poor lubrication effect is the poor tightness of the matching parts. The poor coverage degree of the lubricating grease on the friction surface and the poor degree of formation of the grease layer make the precisely matched friction surfaces scratch each other.

3.Parts loosening

There is a general difference in the shape and size between the parts of the new commercial concrete batching plant. When the ambient temperature changes, the thermal expansion and contraction effect will cause the difference of part size in varying degree. Which will lead to the problem of loose and poor coordination in the parts that were originally tightened.

4.Technical personnel operation error.

The operators who come into contact with new equipment are unfamiliar with the structure and use of the machine, which is often the main cause of misoperation. This can be avoided to some extent through professional technical training.


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