Ten Years Concrete Batching Plant Management Experience-5

Date: 2017-11-29 From: jinsheng

concrete batching plant

In order to ensure the normal operation of concrete batching plant and extend the service life of equipment, rules of safe production and operation details are specially made.

5, Safety Precautions of Concrete Batching Plant

5.1, The main power must be cut off and distribution cabinet door should be locked when the concrete batching plant is overhauled,and the key should be kept by the electrician. Power transmission must be operated by the electrician.

5.2, When starting belt conveyor, concrete mixer and other motor, it is necessary to observe whether there is someone or other debris on the motor, in case of injury or damage to the equipment.

5.3, Do not flush the motor, electric switch, solenoid valve and other electrical appliances when cleaning the concrete mixing plant in case of electric shock and damage to electrical equipment.

5.4, When the concrete mixer is working, it is strictly forbidden to stand in discharging area.

5.5, Non-operators are prohibited to enter the control room, prohibiting smoking and doing anything unrelated to operation. Operator must cut off power, lock the door and window before leaving the control room.


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