Ten Years Concrete Batching Plant Management Experience-4

Date: 2017-11-28 From: jinsheng

concrete batching plant

In order to ensure the normal operation of concrete batching plant and extend the service life of equipment, rules of safe production and operation details are specially made.

4, Monthly Check and Maintenance of Concrete Batching Plant (Performed by the Technician)

4.1, Check the working condition of screw conveyor, add gear oil and lubricating grease.Observe whether the joint bolts have any loose or leakage.

4.2, Check the belt conveyor system, adjust the tightness of the belt, check whether the drum has leakage of oil and add lube.

4.3, Check and tighten the bolts, check whether the operation of supporting idler and guide wheel is normal, the position of the guide groove and cleaner is correct, belt is serpentine and deflected.

4.4, Check and maintain the air compressor, clean the air filter of the air compressor, check whether there is leakage of lube and gas pipeline, whether the pressure limiting valve is normal and the discharging gate switch is flexible. Add lubricating grease.

4.5, Check and maintain the water supply pump, admixture pump and motor, check whether there is leakage of the pipeline or not.

4.6, Check and maintain the discharging gate, solenoid valve, cylinder to ensure that open and closed flexibly, work normally, check whether the limit switch and signal line are normal.

4.7, Check and maintain the concrete mixer.

4.7.1, Check and measure the wear degree of scale board(more than 3mm should be replaced)

4.7.2, Check and measure the wear degree of mixing blades and mixing arms(more than 50% of the original size needs to be replaced).

4.7.3, Check whether the discharging gate shaft and bearing seat lock screw are loose or not.

4.7.4, Check whether the motor seat lock screw is loose or not.

4.7.5, Check whether other fastening screws are loose or not.

4.7.6, Check whether the collecting hopper liquid weighing scale valve switch are flexible and the sensor is working properly.

4.7.7, Check and maintain feed water pump, motor, cylinder and pneumatic valve.

4.7.8, Check and add lubricating grease to all parts.


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