Ten Years Concrete Batching Plant Management Experience-3

Date: 2017-11-27 From: jinsheng

concrete batching plant

In order to ensure the normal operation of concrete batching plant and extend the service life of equipment, rules of safe production and operation details are specially made.

3, Concrete Batching Plant Weekly Inspection and Maintenance (Performed by the Technician)

3.1, Turn off the main power, and appoint someone to guard, check and remove the residual concrete from inside and outside of the mixer (performed by the operator).

3.2, Check whether the tightening bolts of all mixing blades and arms are loose or not. Check the gap between mixingarms, blades and scale board (2mm). Adjustment must be made when it is greater than 4mm.

3.3, Check and add reducer(gearbox), discharge gate pump, mixing shaft end lube level, The lube level in the monitor is more than 1/2. Add grease to all parts.

3.4, Check pneumatic system, engine oil of air compressor, safety valve, pressure gauge.Drain water in the separator. There should be no leakage of oil in pneumatic system.

3.5, Check and adjust the joint fastening bolts of the belt conveyor, supporting idler, and whether the cleaner is normal, belt is serpentine and deflected.

3.6, Check whether there is leakage of the waterway and admixture pipeline, whether the motor and pump are normal.

3.7, Check the working condition of screw conveyor, add gear oil and lubricating grease.

3.8, Check whether aggregate weighing solenoid valve, cylinder and discharge gate work normally, add grease.

3.9, The mechanic should cooperate with the auxiliary to clean the concrete mixer actively.

3.10, After receiving the inspection and acceptance notice from the auxiliary worker, the mechanic shall inspect and accept immediately without any excuse.

3.11, Inspection and acceptance must be taken seriously, thoroughly. If the acceptance fails, inform the the unqualified parts and the existing problems to auxiliary worker or the concrete batching plant master, after the re-cleaning, check again.

3.12, Inspection and acceptance must be taken carefully, check whether the liner has broken, the blades and the arms have damage and loose.Mechanic should sign on the record form for confirmation and future reference.


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