Ten Years Concrete Batching Plant Management Experience-2

Date: 2017-11-23 From: jinsheng

concrete mixing plant

In order to ensure the normal operation of concrete batching plant and extend the service life of equipment, rules of safe production and operation details are specially made.

2. Maintenance and Inspection after Using

2.1, After turn off the main power, lock the distribution cabinet door (appointing a guarded person), remove the residual material from the inner wall of the mixer, the mixing device, discharge door, and check the retaining bolts of impeller and liner.

2.2, Cleaning the admixture weighing hopper, powder weighing hopper and discharge gate.

2.3, Clean the appearance of the concrete mixer and the discharge hopper.

2.4, Drain water in the air compressor and storage tank (Exhaust air compressor and tank in winter).

2.5, Start the dust collector and remove the powder attached on the filter.

2.6, In winter, the liquid in the water pipe and the admixture pipe must be released.

2.7, Lubricate the lubrication points.

2.8, The control system must be powered off after shutdown, turn off the main power.

2.9, Auxiliary workers must clean the main engine and shaft within 1 hour after it goes down, and the longest shall not exceed 2 hours.

2,10, The concrete mixer especially discharge gate, shaft and other part should be cleaned seriously and thoroughly, to prevent the mortar from solidifying and dry, and the door, shaft and bearing from damaging.

2.11 Auxiliary workers is strictly forbidden to use the pickaxe to hit the liner, mixing arm and mixing blade during cleaning process to prevent them from damaging due to improper operation.

2.12, When auxiliary workers cleaning the soil and leaking material, the soil, leakage loaded on the conveyor belt can not be too much, no more than 200kg at a time, to prevent roller motor and conveyor belt from damaging due to belt overload.

2.13, After clean the concrete mixer, notifies the mechanic to check and accept immediately, Auxiliary workers shall not dodge when the acceptance fails and must clean it up.


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