Technical Content of Green Concrete Batching Plant

Date: 2017-12-04 From: jinsheng

concrete batching plant

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness and national policy requirements, setting up green batching plant has been a new direction of construction industry. Green concrete batching plant should equip with the following technologies:

1. Dust Control Technology

1.1, The concrete mixer should be fully closed. In the interior of the mixer, dust shall be centrally treated by high-efficiency dust collector, after processing, dust is re-delivered to the mixer interior for cyclic utilization, which not only prevent the dust pollution, but also improve the resource utilization.

1.2, Select the suitable dust removal equipment according to different feeding methods and feeding pressure.

1.3, The belt conveyor should be completely enclosed. It can not only prevent the generation of dust during the transportation of aggregates, but also avoid the contamination of the aggregate by rainwater and dust.

2. Noise Control Technology

2.1, Concrete mixer is closed by the heat and sound insulation material, it is helpful to reduce the noise pollution generated during the production process.

2.2, Use some low-noise, low-energy equipment to reduce the noise pollution fundamentally when purchasing production equipment.

2.3, The noise reduction device should be used to reduce the noise generated during the operation of air compressor in the pneumatic system.

3. Waste Water Control Technology

According to the actual situation of the factory, set up the drainage direction of waste water to make rainwater or waste water that generated in the production process can directly flow into the sedimentation tank. Waste water turned into clear water after precipitation and can still be used in the production.


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