Precautions for the Cleaning of Concrete Mixer

Date: 2017-11-17 From: zzjs

Concrete Mixer

When the concrete batching plant runs for a day, it needs to be cleaned effectively, especially for the concrete mixer. Such maintenance can prolong the lifetime of the concrete mixer machine. So, what should be pay attention to when cleaning the concrete mixer?

Firstly, remember to fully clean the concrete mixer when finish the work. It is best to clean the concrete mixing machine at least once during the concrete solidification in order to prevent the concrete stacking in the mixing drum. It’s more effective to clean during production pause than after the end of each shift.

Secondly, when cleaning the concrete mixer, in addition to cleaning with the water, we also can use water and gravel for mixing. It’s helpful to keep cleaner.

In addition, during the manual cleaning, don’t use a hammer to remove the concrete block, to prevent the mixing arm broken caused by vigorous action.

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