Main Features of Jinsheng Concrete Batching Plant Control System

Date: 2017-11-06 From: zzjs

concrete batching plant control system

Jinsheng concrete batching plant control system is equipped with precise batching equipment, can control several independent ingredients line at the same time, each ingredient line can be set weighing point according to user’s requirements. Here are main features of Jinsheng concrete batching plant control system:

1.Integrating operation and management make the operation more simple and convenient.

2. The batching system is centralized controlled by computer.

3. Concrete batching plant operating data can be preserved more than 10 years, it is easy to set up management.

4. Formula can be numerically, it is convenient for user to identify.

5. Jinsheng stationary batching plant control system has error analysis and automatic detection function.

6. In the case of out of automatic control, the manual operation system can still control the concrete batching plant, such as batching, mixing, discharging and so on.


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