Instruction for Concrete Mixer Cleaning-2

Date: 2018-01-22 From: jinsheng

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Once a cement mixer is properly cleaned, it is easy to maintain. The key is to clean it promptly after each use.

Steps to Clean Away Wet/fresh Cement:

1.Spray the cement mixer with a basic garden hose or for best results, a high-pressure hose to remove the fresh cement mixture.

2.Add in a couple shovels full of crushed rock into the mixer.

3.Turn the power on and make it to discharging.

4.The gravel will be turned with the water and scrape the cement off of the sides.

5.Tilt the machine to clean all the way to the edges.

6.Once the cement has been removed, drain the water and gravel.

7.Scrub the mixer's outside surfaces with a hard-bristled brush to remove patches of fresh cement. Or Use a hose or pressure washer to remove any remaining residue from the interior and exterior of the machine.

8.Dry the machine prior to storing.

Repeat the steps if needed to remove heavy amounts of cement until surface is clean.

If the mixer is used frequently, it may be helpful to build a small “cleaning station.” Fill an area larger than your mixer with at least a half a foot of gravel with crushed rock on top. When you are finished cleaning, simply drain the mixer right onto the same area. The cement water will drain to the bottom, while the rock stays clean on top. Simply scoop from the area each time. This provides an easy area for cleaning as well as allows you to reuse the crushed rock.

The cleaning matters of the concrete mixer:

1.Having a regular maintenance of project, such as cleaning, lubrication horizontal double shaft mixer, refueling and so on;

2.Check whether the controller is good before the starting of concrete mixer, put the water and gravel into the mixing drum 10~15 minutes to wash, and then clean up the water and gravel.

3.Prevent hit with a sledgehammer approach to eradicate concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel., we can only use the chisel to clean up.

4.In the cold season, should clean the mixer drum with water and release the water in pump, water tank, water pipe, and avoid the water freezing in pump, water tank, water pipe etc.


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