Instruction for Concrete Mixer Cleaning-1

Date: 2018-01-19 From: jinsheng

JS500 concrete mixer

Concrete mixer using has a direct impact on the quality of concrete produced. Ordinary concrete mixer must ultimately cleaning. So washing concrete mixers matters needing attention.When it comes to removing old, dried on cement, there are few options. It either has to be chiseled or knocked off. However, once the old cement is removed, it can be easily maintained without the labor intensive cleaning methods or chemicals.

Steps to Remove the Old, Dried-on Ready mixed Concrete:

1. Begin by turning on the mixer and allowing it to tilt.

2. Pour away a couple of gallons of water into the mixer drum.

3. While it is tilting, gently tap the outside of the drum with a rubber mallet , be caution not to make big dents on the drum. As hitting the outside of the drum, the cement should begin to break up and fall off the wall.

4. After the large chunks are removed, open the release and allow the water and chunks of cement to drain out.

5. Use a chisel to knock off any remaining chunks from the inner face.

6. Rinse the drum out completely with water. A hose or pressure washer is useful for this.

7. Allow the mixer to dry before storing.

The use of concrete mixer directly affects the concrete quality,So the daily work of the concrete mixer is necessary,And the cleaning of concrete mixer is more necessary!


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