Installation Points of Cement Silo

Date: 2017-11-02 From: zzjs

cement silo

Cement silo is used to store powder materials, which is made of steel plate.Cement silo generally has 50t, 100t, 150t, 200t, and other specifications. So, when installing a cement warehouse, what are the key points needed to pay attention to?

1, Do the safety technical work well and request construction personnel to comply with construction site safety regulations.

2, Safety education must be conducted for operators before the construction of cement warehouse.

3, Properly use and care for supplies and safety facilities, tools and safety sign, accepts assignment, stick to positions and strictly abide the operation procedures.

4, Check the cement silo operation work environment and the usage condition of tools, so as to ensure safe production.

5, When installing a cement silo, relevant construction personnel must strictly abide construction site rules and regulations.


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