How to use dust collector in mixing plant properly

Date: 2017-10-13 From: zzjs

How to use dust collector in mixing plant properly

There is a user seek advice from us for some mixing plant are equipped with dust collector, while it is ineffective, what is it? Then Zhengzhou Jin Sheng will teach you how to use dust collector in mixing plant properly.

The dust collector in mixing plant is less effect, there are maybe three reasons, 1. Weighing hopper produced a negative pressure; 2. Weighing hopper produced a positive pressure; 3. the effect of dust collector is weak. For these three reasons, Jinsheng will give an analysis of this.

Weighing hopper produced a negative pressure

The mixer and weighing hopper are two closed spaces and without air source, when the exhaust fan working, the internal air can only be one-way out, resulting in negative pressure. Through increase the air hole can solve above problem, when the draught fan work, clean air enters through the air hole, the dust air in the hopper can be sucked into the dust collector and filtered out, and the air is convective so that it will no longer cause negative pressure problems.

Weighing hopper produced a positive pressure

Also can install the air holes above the mixer. Open a φ200 hole above the mixer, weld a φ200 × 80 short tube with flange and connect with a φ200 × 400 elbow pipe, then fix a cloth filter with clamp on the head. In the plane of the air hole, the position is the farther from the dust air outlet, the internal space involved in the circulation is large, and the dust cleaning effect is better.

The effect of dust collector is weak

To check whether it is related to the configuration and design of the dust collector. Some users in order to facilitate and save costs, and some small factories lack production experience, they connected the wind pipe to the dust collector hopper below directly. Due to the suction of the fan, the blown down dust cannot fall down to the bottom and flow to the host to make the filter is always surrounded by dust and the dust does not settle down, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the dust collector. The solution is to install a butterfly valve at the bottom of the dust collecting hopper. When the dust collector is working it can be closed, all the induced pipes are connected to the flange on the side of the dust collecting hopper to provide the settlement space for the dust blown down, thats avoid the secondary pollution.

In short, only the factory standard design with the correct operation can make the dust collector to play its proper role, both to reduce the pollution of the mixing plant , but also improve the overall performance of the mixing station. If you or your friends need to buy mixing plant equipment, you can call us directly to learn the offer of Jin Sheng product. Look forward to working with you!


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