How About the Profit of HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant

Date: 2018-01-09 From: jinsheng

HZS50 concrete batching plant

HZS50 concrete batching plant is the most popular in all small type concrete batching plants and is also the first choice of many customers in rural areas in recent two years. Customers who built the batching plant for the first time know little about the profit of HZS50 batching plant. To this end, Jinsheng Construction Machinery specially collected the information of this aspect, hope to bring you reference value.

We will illustrate the profit of HZS50 concrete batching plant with data.

Let's do a simple calculation: concrete batching plant works 8 hours a day, 300 days a year according to the project time, annual output of HZS50 concrete batching plant is about 100,000 cubic meters of concrete, according to the current concrete market, the profit of per cubic concrete is about 50-80 yuan, basic profit of HZS50 concrete batching plant is 5 millions a year. Therefore, the profit of building a HZS50 concrete batching plant is still considerable, so it is profitable to invest in small concrete batching plants.

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