Going global with the help of “The Belt and Road”

Date: 2017-10-13 From: zzjs

Going global with the help of “The Belt and Road”

In recent years, China's construction machinery equipment is becoming more and more common in construction projects of the countries which along the Belt and Road. Zhengzhou Jin Sheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. also going global with the help of the Belt and Road , and have brought the production of concrete batching plant and concrete mixers to these countries.

Judging from the latest data released by the State Statistics Bureau, from January 2017 to April, the sales of mixing plant, mixer, excavators and other machinery equipment in construction keep high-speed growth, related business performance has been greatly improved.

At present, Jin Sheng Construction Machinery mixing equipment business has covered nearly 100 countries and regions, overseas sales performance sets record high. As of the end of August this year, overseas market sales performance has accounted for 15% of the company's overall performance, of which 70% of the proceeds are from the countries and regions along "The Belt and Road".

Jin Sheng Construction Marketing Manager believes that "The Belt and Road" initiative has obtained a global response, it release a positive signal for construction machinery industry. Zhengzhou JinSheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. ,as a domestic excellent mixing equipment manufacturer with strength and reputation , should seize the rare development opportunities, increase the international market investment, and further explore overseas markets.


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