Five Problems in the Cement Silo of Concrete Batching Plant

Date: 2018-03-29 From: jinsheng

cement silo of  concrete batching plant

Cement silo is a closed tank for storing bulk powder, which plays an important role in the concrete batching plant. Today we are going to talk about the five problems that are easily to occur in the cement silo of the batching plant, so we should do preventive work in advance.

1.Deformation of the leg.

Leg is used to support the whole cement silo, most afraid of the deformation, so the manufacturers will make it firm in the production, the user must also avoid collision with other objects in use, to prevent leg deformation problems.

2.Surface corrosion and flaking paint problem.

Because the cement silo has been exposed to the air, the surface is easily corroded and paint off. If it is not sprayed for a long time, the problem of corrosion and paint off is likely to occur .

3.Dust problem of the dust collector.

When conveying bulk materials into the cement silo, the role of the dust collector is to remove dust produced during the conveying process. If the filter of the dust collector has problems or is not cleaned for a long time, it will not be able to play a normal role in dust removal, resulting in dust problem on the top of cement silo. So users must check and clean the filter of the dust collector regularly.

4.Dampness and arching problems of the bulk material.

When the bulk material is stored in cement silo, will be affected with damp if it is not sealed tightly, which leads to arch problem of the cement silo. Once the arching problem occurs, the arch breaking device must be started to break the arch.

5. Failure problem of level gauge.

Level gauge is used to accurately measuring the material position in cement silo, the more sensitive the indicator is, the better users can understand the situation of the material in cement silo. However, once a electronic component failure, it will cause failure of the indicator.

The above five problems will happen frequently during the use of the cement silo, Be sure to check them regularly and pay attention to prevention. If you need to know more, please dial the telephone number directly on the website for consultation!


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