Daily Maintenance Measures of Concrete Batching Plant during the Running-in Period

Date: 2018-04-17 From: jinsheng

HZS75 concrete batching plant

Before entering the running-in period, the commercial concrete batching plant should make good preparation for production and carry out production trial run so as to lay a good foundation for the normal operation of the running-in period.

The preparation for production includes technical training of personnel, establishment of complete operation procedures, preparation of various tools for maintenance and various materials for production.

The trial production of commercial concrete batching plant mainly includes inspection of charging and discharging, weighing batching and inspection of mixing equipment, no-load test run, testing and adjustment of commercial concrete batching plant. Carry on the necessary calibration of each weight precision and batching device, and carry on the test production of no less than 72h, both manual and automatic control should be ensured to operate normally.

During the running-in period, when the commercial concrete batching plant is in operation, every lubricating position of the machine should be lubricated, and the screws of each component should be inspected to ensure that it is in a tight state. It should be ensured that all the moving parts and transmission parts in the commercial concrete plant are not impacted, blocked and out of the state when they are in operation.

Ensure that the ingredients of the commercial concrete batching plant meet the requirements and no impurities. Powder material should not be dampened and material leakage cannot occur.

Ensure smooth and continuous production process. The commercial concrete plant must be maintained after running for 230h. Pay attention to cleaning each lubricating area and updating the lubricating oil. Fasteners and weighing devices of the whole commercial concrete batching plant should be overall inspected, and the weighing precision should be calibrated. The transmission parts and moving parts should be fully debugged. Finally, every device of automatic batching should be checked thoroughly.


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