Common Pitfalls in Purchasing Concrete Machinery

Date: 2017-12-25 From: jinsheng

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Jinsheng Construction Machinery friendly remind you: Don't just focus on the price when purchasing concrete equipment. If possible, visit the company to learn their strength and reputation on the spot to avoid to be deceived. Here, Jinsheng collects some common pitfalls in purchasing concrete machinery for reference:

1, Vague equipment specifications in the contract. There are many types of specifications for the equipment in the construction machinery industry. If you are newly to the concrete equipment industry and not familiar with the difference between different models. Some manufacturers deliberately confuse concepts and equipment with the knowledge defects of their customers. The low price and low performance concrete equipment are sent out during delivery, resulting the inefficiency of the project.

2, There are many network companies, who require customers to pay down the deposit after signing the contract, once the deposit is delivered, the customer will officially fall into the trap. Even worse: company evaporated after receiving the deposit.

3, It’s reasonable to say that cheap things are not good. Once the customer has the desire for cheap, there is an 80 percent chance that be fooled by some unscrupulous businessmen. The businessmen tend to take less than a third of average price to induce investors to sign contracts and fall into the trap.

4, On the main equipment, there is a deliberate lack of auxiliary equipment, such as bearing, reducer, belt, gauge, electrical appliance, etc. These parts need to be bought by yourself. And deliberately not adding butter to the bearing, you must add it yourself. Some customers are careless, add no lubricating grease without knowing it and damage the bearing, which result in further losses to customers.

5, Some illegal business use old materials, small specifications, low technology, low precision, and unlabeled equipment as qualified ones.

6, Refurbished processing and painting second-hand equipment as new equipment.

7, Intentionally underreporting the contract equipment, propose to increase the equipment to pay more during the delivery.

8, Replace the installation concept with instruction installation, and not responsible for installation. Once the machine is in trouble after installation, the businessmen will say that is the problem of installation and not responsible for providing equipment.

9, Bad after-sale service. The equipment manufacturer will slip away after received the payment, perfunctorily answer the phone a few times when the customer has questions. After that, you can not get through the phone, or the manufacturer simply do not answer the phone, which lead to customer helpless.


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