Common Failures and Maintenance of Concrete Mixer-4

Date: 2018-02-07 From: jinsheng

JZM500 concrete mixer

Failure and maintenance of mixing tank.

Reasons for abnormal sound failure of mixing tank.

The main reason for the abnormal sound of the mixing tank is that there is a foreign object or serious friction between the blade or the end scraper and the inner wall of the tank during the use of the mixing tank. The above foreign object caused the collision of the mixing tank in the process of use, which increase the friction of the internal components of the mixing tank, resulting in the abnormal sound. The unreasonable position of the blade or end scraper and inner wall of the tank can also cause friction between the two, resulting in mixing shaft cannot work normally.

Treatment of abnormal sound of mixing tank.

In the process of treating the abnormal sound of the mixing tank, the operator should clean up the foreign matters in the mixing tank in time and remove the foreign matters which may affect the normal use of the concrete mixer. After cleaning the foreign object, we should adjust the gap in the mixing process, and check the overall effect.

In conclusion

Dealing with the failures, the operator should strengthen the prevention and control of the failure, improve the control effect of the mixer structure from aspects of the structure, technology, organization,etc to reduce the possible operation and quality problems. In addition, operators should summarize common fault warning information, to ensure that find the fault parts in the first time , find out the cause of the problem, improve the maintenance and treatment effect of fault, and fundamentally improve the use quality of concrete mixer.


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