Common Failures and Maintenance of Concrete Mixer-1

Date: 2018-01-29 From: jinsheng

JS1000 concrete mixer

Failure and maintenance of mixing shaft.

1.Reasons for the failure of mixing shaft.

In the process of using concrete mixer, mixing shaft stop running from time to time.The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

1.1Mixing shaft rotate at high speed when operating, if the load exceeds, the prerotating speed of the mixer will obviously slow down.Even worse it will affect the mixing effect. If the operator pay no attention to this problem, or take no measures to solve the problem, it will inevitably cause the damage to the concrete mixer, which will directly affect the smooth progress of the construction project.

1.2There is a large volume of foreign matter between the mixing blade and the inner wall of the tank.Concrete mixer is easy to be plugged in the operation process. If there is a large foreign body, it is very easy to influence the smooth operation of the mixing blades and the inner wall of the tank. If there is a significant change in the operating state of the two parts, the work of concrete mixer will also be seriously affected.

1.3The motor's tape is too loose.It is common for concrete mixers to appear loose tape phenomenon during construction process.The looseness of the motor tape is an important factor to reduce the transmission power, and therefore the mixing can not be completed smoothly.

2.Maintenance and treatment of shutdown failure.

If the concrete mixer is overloaded, the operator needs to adjust the running state reasonably so as to ensure that the feed amount of the concrete is consistent with that of the concrete mixer.At the same time, the quantity of feeding can be controlled and the excess load can be unloaded.

In the operation process of concrete mixing blades, if there is a blockage phenomenon of foreign body, the degree of friction in the operation and the appearance of the harsh sound should be controlled.At the same time, the corresponding operators need to observe the fault of the machine and find out the fault directly.

In the process of handling the too loose tape, the operator shall check the part where the tape is loosened. Especially when looseness causes concrete mixer to stall, stop the machine in time, readjust the device, straight the tape and continue to run after the check.


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