Adjustment Of New Concrete Mixing Station

Date: 2017-08-28 From: zzjs

  Concrete mixing station

Concrete mixing station equipment is to cement, aggregate and water are mixed and mixed into concrete mechanical mixture, debugging problems of concrete mixer, concrete mixing equipment in use process is very important, directly affect the concrete mixing equipment can normal operation.

The mixing station is widely used in commercial concrete mixing pile, component, water, marine and other centralized concrete mixing sites, and according to the different requirements of the process and the actual needs of the design and manufacturing, so that each device has a distinctive professional quality. Here we mainly about mixer debugging problems.

1. mixing station in various settings should be reasonable. The power supply voltage: additional voltage of 380 volts, the error is + 10%; electrical wiring and electrical components of the distribution box shell is reliable or not, necessary reliable grounding. The zero line of the power supply is necessary to make the distribution box wiring board N, all lines should be properly placed, to when working with the formation of anti crushing trouble.

2. regular inspection project. Regular inspection of concrete mixing station of the gear box and the smooth parts of oil will be enough to launch a regular inspection; mixing motor forced mixer, two half shaft rotation direction and the direction of common signs, such as the wrong direction, should change the power supply wire.

3. start unloading, unloading valve should be accurate. A pump lifting water, water supply system should work normally; according to the concrete mix that water supply and conditioning time relay to the water supply and the corresponding time. Start mixing motor work.


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