The Gearbox and Motor of Screw Conveyor to Mauritius

Date: 2017-10-30 From: zzjs

gearbox and motor of screw conveyor

It's my honor for this success order.Since the Mauritius are our old customer.They have deep confidence in us.So during our negotiation of last order about cylinder drum, they referred the gearbox and motor of LSY219 screw conveyor.It is a little hurry for them.So the new order of gearbox and motor firstly should to be done.

On the help of director Zhao and Manager Yang, two options were supplied to Mauritius customer. Once they made the decision, I do the PI immediately.To our surprised, they made the deposit in two weeks.In order to express our sincerity, the gearbox and motor were delivered on time a week later.

In a word,we make the deal within two weeks.But the patience and profession played a most important part in the whole process.And looking forward to our long time cooperation.


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